Goal Setters

May 2014

After Giving Birth to my 2nd Child

Kids need regular exercise to maintain a healthy body weight, and to build and maintain strong muscles, bones and joints.  In addition, exercise is good for children because it:

1.   Prevents obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease & hypertension.

2.   Helps in the development of important interpersonal skills.

3.   Improves sleep.

4.   Helps improve academic performance in the classroom.

5.  Helps improve self-esteem and body image.

6.  Helps improve teamwork and prevent bullying.

7.  Makes kids feel happier and more balanced.

8.  Improves motor coordination.

One of my primary goals is to help kids stay as healthy and fit as possible.  As your child's Personal Trainer, I will provide a multitude of fun, interactive activities designed to improve overall personal fitness in strength, endurance and flexibility. By incorporating training in a variety of different game and sport skills such as: soccer, basketball, running, and weight training, as well as a focus on nutrition, body image and interpersonal skills, I will design a program meet your child's individual health and fitness goals while having a lot of fun in the process!   Together, we will build the pillars that will lead to a long-term healthy and active lifestyle. 

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Growing a baby is not an easy process, and neither is shedding those extra baby-making pounds and getting your energy back once your little one is born.  As a mother of two small children, I know exactly how hard it can be to balance your personal health and fitness goals with motherhood.  Therefore, I offer in-home personal training services that fit into your busy life.  I’ll come to you and together we’ll make a training plan that is personalized to meet your specific goals, whether those be to lose weight, increase your cardiovascular endurance, build your full body strength, or regain energy.  We won’t just get you feeling like the “old you” again – we’ll get you feeling like a new, more balanced & healthier version of you! 

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Motivated Mamas

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We all have very different health and fitness goals.  But whether you're 6 or 65 years old, my mission is to empower you to live as healthy a life as possible.    

Go Beyond With Me

Some Moms Lift More Than Their Kids

Keeping Kids Healthy

Let's Do This!

By first performing detailed and comprehensive fitness assessments, I will design an individualized exercise program based on your goals, needs and ability.  I will then provide you with customized full-body workouts that combine cardiovascular training with targeted core strength training. We'll also make a nutrition and lifestyle plan that ensures your health and fitness program is as holistic and successful as possible. So let's do this!  Click here to get started

Personal Training

October 2016

Stronger Than Ever!

Every finish line is just the beginning of something new.  Whether your goal is to run your first 5K race, tone your body, lose weight, or just to live a healthier, more active and balanced lifestyle, working to achieve your health and fitness goals and cross that finish line, is just the beginning of the new you.  Having the courage to start training, putting in the time and mileage that it takes, being willing to test your body, mind and spirit, and ultimately making the commitment needed to reach your goals shows you just how strong and capable you are – and you learn who you can become through the process. You stop focusing on what you can’t do, and you start focusing on what you can do.  Then, as you reach one goal and cross one finish line, you ask yourself, “What challenge will I take on next?”  No matter what your personal health and fitness goals are, I promise to provide you with a customized holistic health and fitness program that will take you way Beyond The Finish Line.