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In addition to group instruction, I am available to work with your child one-on-one as a Running Coach and/or as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

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The 1st Class is FREE!

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We would love to have you join our program!  The first class is always FREE so your child can check out the program to see if it is a good fit before you make the commitment.  Please email Coach Carol Ann at so we know when to expect you.  Please also print and fill out the Registration Waiver below and bring it to your child's first class.  Thanks so much, we can't wait to meet you!

   Personal Training

Light Feet

1.   Running is fun.

2.   Running is good exercise and keeps us healthy.

3.   Running is a great way to make new friends.

4.   Running makes us feel good.

5.   Running helps us improve in other sports.

6.   Running helps us excel academically.

7.   Running is for everyone. 

8.   Running has good role models for young people.

9.   Running helps boost our confidence.

10. Running helps us set and reach our goals.

11. Running makes us strong.

12. Running makes us happy.

Our Light Feet Youth Running Club meets every Saturday morning from 8:30 am – 9:45 am at 4S Ranch Community Park, 16118 4S Ranch Parkway, San Diego, CA 92127.  (Meet-up & Pick-up location is the grassy area in front of the big playground, across from the Boys & Girls Club on Dove Creek & 4S Ranch Parkway).

Where We Train

Youth Running Club

We love participating in the PQ5K Community Fun Run in early May each year.  This event is part of the Fiesta De Penasquitos Fesitvities and is so much fun!  This is a great opportunity for our young runners to run a 5K race in a fun and stress-free environment.  The Free Pancake Breakfast at the Finish Line is also awesome...Definitely a Win-Win!  To find out more about this event, please visit:

The Light Feet Youth Running Club Program is designed for Girls and Boys, ages 6 – 17 years old, who are runners of every level.  I develop individualized training programs to provide a strong foundation of basic running skills as well as to encourage the development of the more experienced and competitive runner.  Each Running Club class includes a proper warm-up & cool-down, stretching, technique drills, core work, strength training  and a specific focus on running development including: distance, tempo, speed/sprints, track-style relays, hills, stairs, fitness-building games and plyometric strength training. 

Run light as a feather.  Free as a bird.

We have a blast every year at the Finish Chelsea's Run 5K held in early March in Balboa Park.  This incredible event supports the Chelsea's Light Foundation, an organization that is doing so much to support and protect youth in San Diego County.  Light Feet will be out there again in 2018 to show our support  and we hope that you can join us!  To find out more, please visit:

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